Welcome To WonderLand

My WonderLand isn’t the kind of place where the sun always shines along with the promosing rainbows and the cool breeze of the winds with soft-cuddly clouds that are hanging in the clear blue sky.


My WonderLand is the place where I wonder about lots of thing in life, such as why the sun shines and how to stand and sing under the (heavy) rain or where to look at the rainbows and find the perfect spot to enjoy the beauty of my surroundings while wondering about everyday life.

My WonderLand sure has some sunny days along with some thunderstorms once in a while, things that make oftentimes questioning. Sometimes when I’m lucky, I might find the answers.. Other time, I just keep on questioning without having the luck to get the answers :p

But hopefully I can still see the rainbow after the rain has gone though the ride ain’t always smooth for sometimes it surely is bumpy that I need to take a break to catch my breath before continue walking.


My WonderLand is the place where I watch and learn from all the things around me and hopefully this place will help me grow to be a better person in each passing day of my life.


Welcome To WonderLand, the place where I live and have (some) stories to tell.

Will you share yours with mine? 😉




  1. de2via Said:

    dear Indah… I love the layout… and I hope I will have more time to read the blog… 😀

    and sure I’ll share mine with you… 🙂

  2. Indah Said:

    Hiyaa, Viaa, Welcome to WonderLand 😀

    Hehehe.. kebeneran nemu yang ini, Jeng, iseng2 nyoba eehh ngga taunya bagus juga, ahaha ^o^

    Thanks for coming here, Viaa, and I’ll be waiting for your stories 😉

  3. Absolutely ! Lets we share our stories
    Congrats for the new home 😉
    yg ini bisa gue masukin google reader hehehe

  4. Indah Said:

    Ekaa.. sipp, let’s share stories 😉 Thank you, Kaa ^o^

  5. Ria Said:

    I’m Coming….

    Blog for sharing stories….

  6. Indah Said:

    Riaa.. thanks udah mampir, hehe 🙂

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