My Drawing(s)

I love drawings even though I can’t say that I’m good at it, ahahaha :p

And sometimes because I have this mindset in the head about what “drawing” means and what I draw just don’t match with my definition(s), oftentimes I feel like I can’t draw, at least not in the way I want to be, hihihi ^o^

I don’t know how to describe my drawings.

I sometimes let my hand does the work and never really think about what I draw and even until I’m finished with what I’m doing.. I still have no idea about it :p

Here are some of my drawings, the ones that I made some years ago ๐Ÿ™‚

love is..


mini faith

always keep the faith *bon jovi mode is on* :p

keep on dreaming

keep on dreaming

never ever lose your hopes!!

never ever lose your hopes!!

make peace with yourself

make peace with yourself




  1. jeunglala Said:

    love it!!!


    @ Lalaa : Thank youu ^o^

  2. lowercaser Said:

    ihiyy keren2


    @ Onitt : Ahahaha.. makasihh ๐Ÿ˜€

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