Women & Marriage

Couple of days ago, I overheard a conversation between 2 fathers.

They were talking about their daughters.

Looked like father 2’s daughter was almost 40 but hadn’t got married yet.

Father 1 then asked father 2 whether she had a boyfriend yet or not.

Father 2 said that she was having a relationship right now but he wasn’t quite pleased with the man because although he was the same religion, but he came from different tribe.

And what father 1 said to his friend as a respond, kinda stunned me.

Father 1 said :

Well, it’s better than not getting married, right?


Reality check here.

I’m also a daughter and not married yet.

This makes me wonder whether my own father is thinking the way like father 1?

I jumped into conclusion from what father 1 said and a question just got over me.

Is it such a crime for women if they’re not married yet although their ages are old enough to start their own family?

Is it?

Those women must have their own reasons for staying single.

Some made it by choice, some might have to take that road by conditions.

But do parents feel some kind of burdens if their children are not getting married?

Is it more because they concern about their children themselves or are they more worried about what other people around them will say?

I couldn’t help but wonder..

Is it more okay for parents having their children got married to any men or women, rather than having them stayed single for let’s say in their late 30s or more?

Will the parents choose to have widow or widower children than having unmarried ones in the family?

‘Cause you know, sometimes when marriages started off with the wrong foot, most likely that kind of marriage would end up with divorce.

I couldn’t help but wonder..

Do my own parents think the way I think they might be thinking?

Well, I can ask my mother directly but between me and my father, we don’t share such a close connection that allows me to ask him anything without further questions why I ask him those things?


I love questioning but I don’t like answering questions, huahahaha :p

Some questions just popped in my head without me knowing the reason behind it.

I think the pressure is harder for women.

Women in their 30s who are still single can make people start wondering why.

And as for men in the same age, they might just think that he needs time to establish a solid foundation before start his own family.

Well, I can only hope that my parents will think of my happiness 1st than what others might say.

For the two fathers I mentioned above :

Psssttt, Sirs, next time in public places, don’t talk in such loud noises.

Ahahahaha πŸ˜€

But, thank you for giving me some things to think and wondering about, huehehe :p




  1. tuteh Said:

    Ahahaha Bapak2 itu yaaah duh bikin gimana gini rasanya uhuyyy πŸ˜›

    • Indah Said:

      Pssttt.. Tuteehh.. emang rasanya gimanaa? Ahahahaha πŸ˜€

  2. tuteh Said:

    rasanya kayak jadi wanita terakhir di dunia ini yang laku :p hihihi.. emang pasar apa? :p

    Met Idul Adha yaaa πŸ˜€ Yang rencana naik Haji, semoga terkabul di lain kesempatan. Banyak do’a, banyak berkah!

    • Indah Said:

      Ahahaha.. ahahaha.. iya yaa, kita udah kaya jadi barang dagangan di pasar aja :p

      Met Idul Adha untuk dirimu, Tuteh πŸ˜‰

  3. kenji Said:

    “Setiap makhluk hidup pada hakekatnya adalah berusaha meneruskan kelangsungan hidup spesiesnya melalui keturunannya”

    klo keturunannya bandel, akhirnya dianya uring2an mba. hehehe

  4. tuteh Said:

    Sis, updateeeeeee πŸ˜€ hehehehe

  5. orange float Said:

    biasanya orang tua yang seperti ini yang suka banget menjodohi anaknya. bagi saya My life is mine, my responsibility πŸ™‚

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