Should I Just Give It Up?

Honestly, I don’t know what I’m gonna do with you.

I tried hard to remain silence in hope that you’ll finally realized what you have done wrong!

But, noo..

It was like hoping that the waves will stop flowing to the shores!



How much more damages do you need to cause before you finally decide that you need to change?!

Why is it so hard to make you listen to others?


If it’s only me who got affected by you, I could just swallow it all.

I’m good at pretending!

I’m a master in deceiving myself.

I’m totally used in telling myself that I’m not hurt by what you did.

Yeah, I can live with that!

But it’s totally not okay when you’ve caused unbalanced life to my surroundings!

I’d really want to know what’s going on in your head?!


I felt like screaming!

I would very much like to scream all the words I held in my tongue so far!

But I know I’d hurt the others if I spilled those words to you.

And she meant a lot to me that I don’t want her to get hurt.

That is why I need to take control of myself.

But sometimes I feel like I couldn’t take it any longer!

I want you to know things.

I want you to learn the truth!

But as they sayy..

The truth sometimes hurts!

Can you handle it?

Oh, God, please help us, only You who knows the whole situations.

And only You who can soften the hearts.

Please please, God, help each of us realize the situation we’re having right now.

Don’t let our ship sink without warning.

You’re our only hope.

Please take time to help us through all this hard stuff.

Thank you, Lord.



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